Instant Lawn

Tall Fescue
- For Beauty & Toughness


This is an outstanding blend of top-rated turf type Tall Fescue with 5% Bluegrass. Tall Fescues have a deep extensive root system which require less water than other winter active grasses and have very good heat tolerance. Tall Fescues perform at their best when mown at cutting heights between 40-60mm. Adseed Tall

Fescue Instant Lawn is the darkest green lawn grass available.

All Rounder - Instant Lawn for Sunny or Shady Conditions

This is a blend of Fine Fescue, Fine Leaf Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass. This mixture works well in full sun and is tolerant of shady conditions. Developed for areas where there is an open canopy of beautiful trees in your garden having 3-4 hours of direct sunlight. Best mown at 30mm height. All Rounder is the finest durable cool season blend available as turf.

Santa Ana Couch - For Pure Toughness in Hot Dry Situations


This fine leafed couchgrass is a warm season grass which thrives on sun and heat. It is tough and durable and looks best when mown short, 10-20mm. Needs occasional vericulating or scalping under low-wear conditions. Excellent for wear play areas. Goes into dormancy for approximately 8 weeks over winter in Southern Victoria (depending upon frost frequency).


Kikuyu - The Toughest & Most Durable

A warm season grass that thrives in sun & heat. Kikuyu performs at its best when cut between 25-50mm and mown short each spring to reduce thatch. Ryegrass can be sown into the Kikuyu in autumn as a companion species to give winter colour. Kikuyu can go dormant for approximately 8 weeks during Victorian winters.

Kings Pride - The Finest Leaf


Kings Pride is a shade & drought tolerant buffalo grass with a finer leaf than other buffalo turf. Kings Pride is the ideal choice for home lawns or commercial landscape sites where a durable drought hardy lawn is desired.






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