Tall Fescue
- For Beauty & Toughness

This is an outstanding lawn  that adapts to a wide range of soils. Tall Fescue is a bunch type grass that has a deep extensive root system.It requires less water than other winter active grasses and has very good heat tolerance. Tall Fescues perform at their best when mown at cutting heights between 40-60mm

Tall Fescue Instant Lawn is the darkest green lawn grass available.


Santa Ana Couchgrass -For sunny conditions.

Santa Ana is a fine leaved couchgrass that is extremely hard wearing and thrives in hot conditions. For best results regular fertilising throughout the Spring/Summer period is recommended.For best results a mowing height of 20mm will give you a suitable surface.

Kikuyu - The Toughest & Most Durable

A warm season grass that thrives in sun & heat. Kikuyu performs at its best when cut between 25-50mm and mown short each spring to reduce thatch. Ryegrass can be sown into the Kikuyu in autumn as a companion species to give winter colour. Kikuyu can go dormant for approximately 8 weeks during Victorian winters.

Buffalo - Low maintenance


Buffalo Grass is a shade & drought tolerant grass that will provide a low maintenance feature lawn.It will perform well in full sun or semi-shade (3-4 hours of light) and once established it has minimal water requirements






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